Wisdom teeth Treatment controversy

Wisdom teeth Treatment controversy

Wisdom teeth Treatment controversy

A lot of opinions were discussed in well known medical circles about preventive removal of wisdom teeth. In developed countries It’s quite common practies to remove a third molar for preventing reasons, although there are non scientific data to support such practice.

The Remedy Land published a systematic review of randomized controlled trials, in order to evaluate the effect of preventive removal of asymptomatic wisdom teeth.

Author of the article did not find any evidence that would support or invalidate the practice of removal of the third molars. Author of the article suggested that the removal of the third molar can be reduced by 60%.

Clinical evidence published an article, which was a summary of the article mention above and stated that the prophylactic extraction is “likely to be ineffective or harmful.”

It is clear that removal of the symptomatic wisdom teeth is necessary, but the removal of disease-free wisdom teeth is not recommended because of the potential damage to the inferior alveolar nerve.

Studies have shown that different doctors advocate different opinions and interests.

As an example we can compare doctors from different countries. The dentist from Israel will more often recommend removal of asymptomatic impacted third molars as compared with their colleagues who graduated in Latin America and Eastern Europe.